+Kuroko No Basket;  Akashi Seijuro;  queue dramatic exit;  


+hahaha omigawd;  The Hunger Games;  THG;  queue dramatic exit;  


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+Free!;  Haru you shipper lol;  Tachibana Makoto;  Matsuoka Rin;  Nanase Haruka;  your hands were shaking;  queue dramatic exit;  


I think I’m going to write a book called “‘Four Hours Is Definitely Enough Sleep’ And Other Lies I Tell Myself”

+so me;  queue dramatic exit;  

Summary of the 54th chapter




What a good deal they pulled off. 

+Shingeki No Kyojin;  by OP;  pfffff;  yes;  that's it;  that's the chapter;  spoilers;  Eren Jaeger;  Erwin;  Levi;  queue dramatic exit;  

+Tiger and Bunny;  queue dramatic exit;  


it started out with wanting to practise erwin’s face i swear


it started out with wanting to practise erwin’s face i swear

+Shingeki No Kyojin;  by OP;  my favorite old men ;w;;  Levi;  Erwin;  I trust your decision;  


+Shingeki No Kyojin;  UNFF EFFING DANG ERWIN;  one look at Erwin and I am gone;  //flies into the sun;  //flies into Erwin's arms tbh but Levi will probably kill me;  they're so precious ///w///;  I just really love the way Erwin is looking at Levi //swoons;  really tempted to reblog Cheryl's entire blog but I have a lot of things to say and there's not enough time for that lol;  nsfw;  A++;  Erwin;  Levi;  I trust your decision;  COMMANDER;  

by のゑみ
by のゑみ
+Kuroko No Basket;  d'awwwww;  COCO!!!!;  I REBLOG THIS FOR YOU BBY!;  Kise Ryouta;  

Sorry bbies  I know I said I’ll answer messages and all that stuff soon but I’m looking my calendar and I have 3-4 EXAMS EVERY SINGLE WEEK FOR THE NEXT THREE WEEKS! //CRIES IN THE CORNER // So the point of this post is: 

+Somehow Tomo is still alive;  I'm alive but I'm barely breathing;  so me;